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We are your store to buy yarn online, for knitting, crocheting, felting from 100% natural
(= no microplastics). Whether from animal (mulesing-free) or plant (vegan) - with us you learn for each yarn, where the raw wool comes from and where the yarn was dyed and spun. Buy wool online for the highest demands.

WinterWarm | Good & Cheap

CuddleCandidates | Merino & Mohair

Cool heads | Cotton & Linen

Noble | silk, cashmere, yak, camel, alpaca

Speciallings | Best silk, organic cotton, baby camel - with us you get it

Lovely for your feet | sock wool from 100% natural in many colors and qualities

Our absolute top sellers - sock wool qualities without
synthetic fiber admixtures. Merino with linen, hemp, silk, ramie in a wide
quality variety and a fantastic color palette from plain to hand-dyed.

Favorite of the season | Tasmanian Tweed by Atelier Zitron

Now the winter comes right. The wonderfully cuddly Tasmanian Tweed is just as suitable for cozy jackets as for children's sweaters.

Personal trust | Our manufacturers

Our manufacturers Mrs. Mährle, Mr. Seehawer, Mr. Schoppel and
the Zitron family are very active and creative in developing yarns that are constantly in line with customer and
requirements. A heartfelt thank you for this.

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Long-term love | Yarns you don't want to miss anymore

Qualities with which you can let your creativity run wild.
Individually, combined, together, alternately, one after the other, with each other -
here everything is possible.

Theme yarns | Presorted at a glance

Favorites | Offers & remaining stock while supplies last

Where does the raw wool come from, where is it dyed, where is it spun?

There is an increasing interest in more transparency in retail. Since we started with our OnlineShop in 2013, we take this into account.

Here you will find only yarns for which we can answer these questions.

With each yarn you will find the corresponding information and if there are any questions, we have a direct line to our manufacturers.

Because we don't work with big producers and franchisers, but with people who know where their material comes from and who processes it.

We have put together for you a carefully and confidently selected collection of high quality and partly exclusive yarns from 100% natural.

Nature and design in wool. For lustful yarn buy online and unique knitting.