Yarns suitable for skin friendly in case of allergy

Allergies are countless, so of course it is not so easy to rate yarns as "skin-friendly for allergies".

Nevertheless, we try it and show here yarns that were developed according to the manufacturer specifically with regard to allergy sufferers. Or of which knitting allergy sufferers have told us that they like to work with these yarns - i.e. they can also tolerate them on their hands - and can also wear them themselves.

This is not primarily about those who are sensitive to the (raw) wool, for example, from sheep. These are allegedly only about 5% of the so-called "wool allergy sufferers". Rather, it is about those who are allergic to the substances and dyes with which commercially available yarns are finished during the production process.

© the stitches to happiness - allergy and woolWe are of course aware that everyone has their own experiences with allergies and wool. All the more we are happy about feedback on this topic. Especially if someone gets along particularly well with a yarn.
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