REAL organic cotton - without genetic engineering

Quality REAL cotton| Character | Fine yarn of 100% organic cotton extra fine, soft touch, bright and soft colors. High wearing comfort.

Manufacturer | Material | Origin & Care | Atelier Zitron . 100% Cotton (South Carolina, USA) . Recommended: Hand wash or wool wash 40°, with appropriate detergent. Dry horizontally.

Production | Spinning: Germany location, Dyeing: Germany location, dyed after spinning.

Sales unit | run length | needle size | skein of 50 g = 150 m, 280 m per 100 g, needle size 3-3.5

Consumption | Ladies sweater long sleeve size M = approx. 400g, Ladies sweater long sleeve size L = approx. 500g, Men's sweater long sleeve size L = approx. 600g

And otherwise | certified according to ÖkoTex Standard 100, product class 1 (Institut Hohenstein, S07-0687) = saliva-proof, perfect for baby clothes

© Die Maschen zum Glück | Genuine by Atelier Zitron certified organic cotton without genetic engineering in bright and soft colorsAtelier Zitron | Real | Bright and soft colorsAtelier Zitron has spent several years searching for this premium raw wool that meets the company's high standards: a top quality cotton produced without genetic engineering. With the REAL organic cotton, Atelier now offers a cotton that grows on soils that are not polluted by pesticides and is particularly for allergy sufferers is compatible with the skin. Because Cotton is for many allergy sufferers one of the few yarns that the skin tolerates. Atelier Zitron is committed to the highest transparency in production. Upon request from you, the certificates for this can be presented. By the way, the proof for genetically unmodified cotton can only be provided for the still unprocessed raw wool. Here it needs a manufacturer who is equally open to the transparent manufacturing route.

The colors can be combined with each other exceedingly well. In one of the same color heaviness with a light pastel tone-on-tone combination. Or with a strong accent such as the magenta or May green.The color coral fits wonderfully with the current color of the year from Pantone. The light and also radiant between pink and orange makes directly good mood. The colors mud, ocher or mocha are a great complement to salmon and the May green.

In the meantime, there are also various knitting instructions for the ECHT, which can be ordered free of charge if the yarn is also purchased from us.