Tasmanian Tweed - Tasmanian Merino extra fine with color speckles

Tasmanian Tweed | Finest merino wool from Atelier Zitron | 106 m/50g | Needle size 4-4,5 | 95% Tasmanian Merino extrafine and 5% viscose | Spun and dyed in Germany | Worldwide exclusive as handknitting yarn

Happy sheep provide wool that makes knitters happy!
Atelier Zitron guarantees the complete proof from the species-appropriate animal husbandry in Tasmania to the careful, gentle and environmentally friendly production in Germany.

Exceptionally, with the Tasmanian Tweed we have a yarn with viscose. We allow a whole 5% - for a good reason: Unlike other tweed yarns, this new development from Atelier Zitron has both yarns firmly spun and then dyed together. The different qualities and pre-treatments lead to a different color result and a particularly harmonious play of colors.

Learn more about the Tasmanian Merino and the farm on our blog.

When washed in the machine, this yarn tends to make the knitting longer. Much longer! You can catch this again if you give the knitted piece in a very gentle dryer cycle. But please test only for 10 minutes. So long, until it has the original format again.