YAK - finest yak wool with Tasmanian Merino

Yak wool with Tasmanian merino from Atelier Zitron.

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Quality YAK | Character | Very finest YAK yarn with 16 micron together with Tasmanian new wool (Merino Extrafine). As soft as butter. Atelier Zitron exclusively processes this unique Tasmanian wool worldwide.

Manufacturer | Material | Origin & Care | Atelier Zitron . 30 % YAK (Inner Mongolia) 16 micron
70 % virgin wool (Tasmania ) - Merino extra fine . Hand wash recommended

Production | Spinning mill: Germany location, Dyeing mill: Germany - dyed after spinning (strand dyeing).

Sales unit | run length | needle size | skein of 100 g = 500 m on 100 g, needle size 3-3.5

Consumption | cloth 100 g, ladies sweater long sleeve size 36-38 = approx. 200 g, ladies sweater long sleeve size 42 = approx. 250 g, men's sweater long sleeve size 54 = approx. 300 g

And otherwise | certified according to ÖkoTex Standard 100, product class 1 (Institut Hohenstein, S07-0687), saliva resistant


© The Stitches to Happiness | YAK by Atelier Zitron | Yak wool with Tasmanian MerinoYak from Atelier Zitron

"To make the best yak in the world, we've come a long way," says Mr. Zitron about his new lace yarn. It took two years from the idea to the finished yarn! "Yak by Atelier Zitron" is much more than a cuddly soft fine yarn. Atelier Zitron exclusively distributes this finest yak wool worldwide. "We have bought up all stocks of this first-class fiber quality worldwide."

Because the quantity is limited, only selected specialized trade partners"for whom top quality is a matter of the heart" are allowed to distribute the Yak. So we are proud to offer you this yarn novelty. :-)

Also included: Original Tasmanian Merino extrafine, the best Merino in the world, - coveted and noble - in hand knit exclusively in the collection of Atelier Zitron. Atelier Zitron guarantees the complete proof from the species-appropriate animal husbandry in Tasmania to the careful, gentle and environmentally friendly production in Germany - more is not possible! The paradisiacal living conditions of the animals there - food, weather, landscape - make the yarn an experience!

And at 500m per 100g, you can even knit an entire shawl from just one skein!

Atelier Zitron is justifiably proud of this new yarn creation.