Lace yarn - the finest quality for gossamer shapes

When it comes to lace yarn, we have just about the best on the market: gossamer lace yarns from Atelier Zitron.

Lace yarn for the finest knitwear, airy and delicate. From summery colorful virgin wool (the Filigran) to noble discreet pure silk - the dream silk. In the meantime a real classic because of its versatility and lightness: the KidMohair Extraklasse.

© | lace yarn - finest quality for gossamer creationsThe yarns can be knitted individually or in combination to create the most amazing creations. Whether with generous hole patterns or simply plain right - the effects are unique. All lace yarns are excellent as a supplementary thread and can be "mixed" with other yarns. If you like to experiment a bit, you can conjure up very individual creations here. The effects are different. Either you "calm" a very colorful yarn by running a neutralizing color along with it. KidMohair can be used as a soft focus by knitting it with a more patterned yarn.