Camira - luxury to feel

Camira, this fine baby camel hair with mulberry silk belongs to the very noble yarns of our assortment.

The mixture creates a delicate, noble, beige natural color. 50% finest baby camel hair / 50% mulberry silk. A fine wool jewel from Seehawer & Siebert.

© The meshes to happiness Soft, soft Camira.
This yarn nestles wonderfully and is so pleasantly light. Its temperature-balancing property makes it an air conditioner that you wear on your skin. A dream for shawls and delicate knits. The long run length makes the yarn also very productive.

In the spring they change their coat and so you gain the hair in a natural way. For the Camira only the super soft downy undercoat of the young animals is used. This hair is a hollow fiber, almost free of scales and therefore so smooth and soft.

With silk, it is important to note that it is one of the most stable fibers of all. But light and UV rays can harm it and make it brittle. Therefore, you should store it away from light.