Baby Alpaca Puno - Cuddly soft for timeless classics

Baby alpaca wool Puno for knitting and crochet: Dreamlike soft, very fine and without any awn hairs. Suitable for very sensitive skin, wonderfully soft to the touch.

Quality Puno lamb alpaca | character | a fantastically soft, very fine baby alpaca yarn without any awn hairs, suitable for very sensitive skin, wonderfully soft to the touch, loosely spun and twisted this lamb alpaca appears somewhat thicker

Manufacturer | Material | Origin & Care | Seehawer natural fibers . 100% alpaca (South America) . recommended hand wash or wool wash cycle COLD, with appropriate detergent.

Production | spinning mill: South America location, dyeing mill: undyed

Sales unit | run length | needle size | skein of 100 g = 100 m on 100 g, needle size 5-6

Consumption | Ladies sweater long sleeve size M = approx. 800 g, Ladies sweater long sleeve size L = approx. 1,000 g, Men's sweater long sleeve size L = approx. 1,200g

And otherwise so | untreated (i.e. no finishes or treatments)

© | Baby Alpaca PunoThis baby alpaca yarn from the lamb is loosely spun and twisted and therefore appears somewhat thicker and fluffier. We carry it exclusively in undyed natural shades.

By the way, we have a knitting tutorial for this cute pillow at when knitting the Baby Alpaca Puno use a slightly thicker needle size than specified, then the softness comes better to the fore. The hand knitting yarn comes from South America and is not dyed and not treated.