Our knitting wool - our qualities

The number of suppliers:inside of knitting wool and hand knitting yarns is large. But most needlework enthusiasts are only familiar with a few big brand names. It is difficult to see through who really still manufactures or only (wholesale) trades.

Where does the (raw) wool come from, where and how is it produced, spun and dyed. We want to know exactly and provide a little more transparency in the world of handicrafts.
Therefore, this information can be found on all products since our start in 2013.

"With us you will find only yarns for which we can answer these questions. We have put together for you a carefully and confidently selected collection. Nature and design in wool. For lustful wool buying on the Internet."

Knitting wool and hand knitting yarn in the finest qualities

It is rather rare that one has the energy in everyday life to deal with the background of yarn production and not all sheep are the same. Anyone who buys a few balls of wool is allowing themselves the luxury of a little time out. He has a desire for creativity, looks forward to beautiful things.

He wants to experience sensuality and not be burdened with unappetizing trappings. And unfortunately, that is often enough the case in wool production. So that you can concentrate fully on knitting with all your senses - and with the best possible conscience - we'll take care of the rest.

"The animal-friendly and people-friendly production of yarns is not only important to us - it is indispensable."

Knitting wool and hand knitting yarn in the finest qualities

We too will not get to know every more or less lucky sheep personally. But we make it a first criterion when choosing our partners to get as close as possible.

We offer in our online store exclusively knitting wool and hand knitting yarn from 100% natural fibers. And let us from the manufacturers inform us where they get the raw wool and where essential steps such as dyeing and spinning take place. Some of them also have their high quality certified, which we then indicate accordingly on the yarns.

Particularly unpleasant methods during the production of knitted wool - such as mulesing - have been banned in the meantime, but we still ask our suppliers to confirm that this method, for example, has not been used.

The renunciation of non-natural materials (polyster, acrylic, etc.) has meanwhile also proven itself for another reason: with knitwear made from 100% natural fibers, we don't have to worry about accumulating microplastics. There is no such thing.

"Our credo: The less anonymous the production - the more sympathetic to everything that crawls and flies."

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There are many smaller and often only regionally known wool manufacturers and wool producers who also offer wonderful knitting wool in dreamlike qualities. They not only stand for animal-friendly husbandry and people-friendly production.

These people and their products are an important building block of the economic and ecological community in their respective locations. With our store we would like to contribute in the long term to bring responsible wool lovers and committed wool producers with their great products closer together.