Angora treasures

Angora wool comes from angora rabbits, which are bred mainly in Europe and Asia. Every three months the animals are combed or shorn (here there are different specifications, which is more animal-friendly and means less stress for the animals). This period corresponds to the natural hair change rhythm of the animals. In some places, the animals are also plucked - of course, we do not want this and are strictly against including the Angora wool obtained in this way in our offer.

Angora wool is even said to have a healing effect. It is known for health or rheumatism clothes. We do not recommend it for baby clothes, because small hairs can come off constantly. It can be washed by hand at up to 30 degrees. Wash quickly, rinse, roll in a towel and then lay out to dry.

Therefore, we are now and then in contact with Angora rabbit breeders from Germany and hope soon to be able to offer a small amount of this exclusive wool. Currently we have no angora wool or yarns with angora content in our program. However, if you have a trustworthy contact who produces angora wool, please feel free to contact us.