Cashmere - organic certified quality at its best

Cashmere - We have it, one of the best qualities currently on the market worldwide.

From the house of Pascuali comes this cashmere yarn certified organic by the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce. This certification ensures that the wool comes exclusively from free-living animals whose fur is carefully combed out for wool production. The traditional lifestyle of the pastoral nomads is treated with respect. Of course, they receive fair compensation.

The cashmere fibers are processed directly in Mongolia. The yarn for Pascuali is spun in one of the best spinning mills in Italy. It is also dyed there, according to strict European standards. Pascuali accompanies the entire production chain, so that we can offer our customers genuine cashmere with certainty. With the multitude of cashmere products in relation to the worldwide population of cashmere goats, not everyone can guarantee this with certainty.

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Image source: pascuali

The advantage of our cashmere compared to the also very popular recycled cashmere yarn is obvious. The fibers are long, so the fiber hardly fluff or pill. The knits are sustainable because they keep their quality for a very long time and can be worn for many many years.

We offer two qualities: the organic cashmere 6/28 made of 100% organic cashmere (needle size 3 at 112 meters per 25g) and the cashmere Atlantis made of 70% organic cashmere + 20% silk (needle size 2.5 at 170 meters per 25g).

© The stitches to happiness | organic cashmere
© The stitches to happiness | organic cashmere