Mulberry silk

Silk is spun by the silkworm in a continuous thread and wound onto a cocoon. Since the silkworm feeds almost exclusively on mulberry leaves, it is referred to as mulberry silk.

The quality of the silk is determined by where it was on the continuous filament. The middle pieces are the highest quality. Can be found, for example, in the dream silk from Atelier Zitron.

The silk in the yarns we offer (unless otherwise specified) comes from China, still today the largest silk producer in the world. There are still very few farms that produce silk non-conventionally. Our manufacturers obtain their raw materials from conventional production. Since there are many romantic reports about the so-called non-violent silk and many dramatic reports about the conventionally produced silk, we did not make the decision easy for ourselves. Strictly speaking, one must say goodbye to the thought of happy butterflies with both forms of production. If you want to be consistent, you have to do without silk altogether.

We have deliberately decided to keep silk in the program. Because there is no renewable alternative for this raw material in this quality.