Wool wash - no problem for some wool

Actually, there is nothing easier to care for than a wool sweater that you just have to hang out in the fresh air to "clean".

Pieces made of pure wool need to be washed only very rarely, because they do not even take the dirt as much as, for example, cotton or even modern mixed fabrics.

If the woolen knitted piece must be washed just once, one or the other is happy when he can pack the good piece in the machine. The yarns shown here can be washed in the wool wash cycle up to 30 °, sometimes even up to 40 °. They are specially equipped.

Of course, the same applies here: wash only with a suitable wool detergent and in the special wool wash cycle - or just according to the specifics of the machine. Because wool does not tolerate rapid temperature changes (hot/cold). This and too strong spinning leads to felting of the fibers.

Therefore, wool should be handled a little more carefully. Never dry woolen items hanging. The wetness makes them heavier and warps them. Wool reacts to pressure and stretching. So it is better to place a thick towel over the clothes horse and then place the wet, wrung-out piece of wool on it.