Organic Cashmere 6/28 - Organic certified cashmere yarn from Mongolia

Organic Cashmere 6/28 | Character | Organic certified cashmere yarn from Mongolia.

Manufacturer | Material | Origin & Care | Pascuali . 100% cashmere from Mongolia. Hand wash.

Manufacture | spinning: location Italy, dyeing: Italy - dyed after spinning.

Certification | Bio Cashmere is certified organic by the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce. It certifies that the yarn comes from live animals, that it is processed directly in Mongolia. The certification helps to preserve the independence and lifestyle of nomadic herders in the region.

Sales unit | run length | needle size | ball à 25g = 112m, 448m per 100g, needle size 3.

Consumption | Sweater size 38 approx. 350g (14 balls)

And otherwise so | cashmere has such a high price, because the fibers have to be collected quite laboriously. From the fur of a cashmere goat can be combed per year only about 150 to 200 g of pure cashmere wool.

Cashmere goats for the organic cashmere 6/28 | © The stitches to happiness

Only the downy underhair of the cashmere goat is used for these cashmere qualities. The fiber comes from goats in Inner Mongolia, and the yarn is produced in Italy. There, the fine cashmere fibers are processed to perfection to match the high quality of the fibers. The dyeing of the yarns is also done in Italy. 

Bio Cashmere 6/28 is 6-ply twisted. It is pleasant to work with and has an even stitch pattern. Perfect for all kinds of patterns, but it also looks very noble knitted simply plain right. The wool has a soft fleece. Because it consists of the finest, particularly long hairs, this exclusive genuine cashmere yarn tends to fuzz much less than other yarns.  

Manufacturer Pascuali is rightly proud of the yarn Bio Cashmere 6/28, because it comes from a certified source. This means that the cashmere qualities offered here are not only produced sustainably, but are also actually genuine cashmere yarn. Not every supplier can prove this flawlessly.

For even finer knits we have the Atlantis made of organic cashmere and silk for needle size 2.5 and also from Pascuali.